At 10.30 a.m. today (Pentecost Sunday/ 23rd May) we started Physical Worship in the Chapel. This service was also relayed on Zoom as due to social distancing the amount of people allowed in the Chapel is still limited. Those People attending in the Chapel had to wear Masks and were not allowed to sing, or socialise with each other inside. This is the first Church service we have held in the building since March 2020. It is believed that this service was Physically attended by about 24 people. 16 people attended the service via Zoom.

The service was led from the Chapel by our Minister Rev. Arthur Cowburn. There were two Hymns played on the organ as part of the service, people in the building listened to the Tune, and those people at home were allowed to sing. Although as they were muted they could not hear each other.

The service was mostly based around the traditional reading for today, Acts Chapter 2 verses 1 to 13. The changes over the last year were also discussed including the fact that people can now be much more geographically apart whilst worshipping together. Rev Cowburn said that he had been involved in a Zoom service based in the UK which had also had participants in America and New Zealand.

It is intended to carry on holding Sunday services in the Chapel and on Zoom for the foreseeable future. This also has the benefit of allowing people who are Physically unable to attend the service due to health, weather or Geography to join in.

For more details about how to join us for services either physically or on Zoom please look at the post

before attending.

The picture above shows the chapel in 2019, I would imagine that the chairs may have been arranged somewhat differently this morning.