A Poem introducing Holy Habits by Rev Geoffrey Scarlett

1. As we start on this new venture,
Draw us closer, Lord, to you.
Teach us all those holy habits,
That will guide us all life through.

2. When we hear or read the scriptures,
Make words come alive, so they
Touch us, teach us, and then help us
Live out all we’ve learnt each day.

3. Let us be part of your family,
Fellowship upheld by grace,
Deeply sharing, deeply caring,
Meant for every time and place.

4. We break bread with thanks and eat it
And we feel, dear Lord, you’re near.
Every day new gifts showered on us
Show your loving kingdom’s here!

5. You, O Lord, dined with so many,
Shared your good news, full of love.
Help us share our meals and faith, Lord,
Till we feast in heaven above!

6. You bring us such gladness, Saviour,
Dying, so that we might live.
So, with thanks and joy, to others,
We our lives would freely give.

7. You are our true Servant-King, Lord,
Teaching, healing, friend so true.
Help us to serve others humbly,
Lead them lovingly to you.

8. Lord, we come with joy to worship,
Both in spirit and in truth.
May we bow in awe before you,
Let our lives, in you, bear fruit!

9. Teach us, Lord, the art of sharing
Thoughts and feelings, all we own,
Gifts and skills to serve our neighbours,
Through these let your love be shown.

10. Prayer is holy conversation,
List’ning, speaking, friend to friend,
As we praise, rage or petition,
Shape our lives as you intend.

11. Master, keep us learning, loving,
Others by our lives to win.
Help us speak about your kingdom
And see others enter in!

12. When our venture has its ending,
Help us, Lord, to persevere,
Still believing, learning, loving,
Till in glory you appear!

Geoff Scarlett 2020