We celebrate St Valentines Day on the 14th of February every year. It is not certain who St Valentine was although it is widely believed that he was a Roman Clergyman who ministered to persecuted Christians, he was martyred and his body was buried on the outskirts of Rome on the 14th of February, commemorations of his life are recorded as early as 496 A.D. The name Valentine derives from Valens a similar root can be attributed to the word Valiant as in the Hymn Words “He who would Valiant be, against all Disaster”.

In total there are 11 St Valentines recognised by the Roman Catholic Church the most well known two people are Valentinus who was a theologian in Rome and is believed to have lived from AD 100 to AD 160, and Valentine of Passau who was a hermit in Switzerland who is believed to have died in 475 AD.

At some point St Valentines Day has become a celebration of Romantic love.

We will not be going to a Restaurant on Valentines Day in 2021, but we have found memories of unexpected love in 2020. We went to an Indian Restaurant for Lunch on Valentines Day and were given Chocolates by another Customer who we had not met previously in celebration of his daughters 5th Birthday. It is traditional in India to give gifts to others during celebrations.

The picture above was taken at Jammy Church when the theme was the wedding at Cana.