The poem that follows was written by Rev. Geoffrey Scarlett for the December 2015 edition of the Church Magazine. I recently found it when sorting out. Given the Snow today, it seems very appropriate to blog it .

All Weather God

oh no!look its raining again!
Where does it all come from ? explain!
Watch out for puddles and spiky umbrellas!
Rain's good for gardens and farms (so they tell us).
I'm soaking wet-- those indoors make me jealous!
Oh, why do we have to have rain ?

Oh no! look its blowing a gale!
its 40 on the Beaufort scale.
Im blown of my feet, no wonder at that.
I fear for my tiles and my flowers are blown flat.
I hear plaintive mewing-- I've shut out the cat!
Oh, why do we have to have gales ?

Oh no! how these hailstones pelt down!
They strike at my roof and the ground.
I cover my face, if I have to go out.
Now that one hurt badly and I give a shout.
In this kind of weather no sane man's about.
Oh, where can some shelter be found.

Oh No! look, its starting to snow!
It's lovely and shiny I know.
I build a huge snowman and ride on a sleigh.
But others just wish it would vanish away.
It cloaks all earth's ugliness there where it lays.
we love -- or we hate -- all this snow.

Oh no! Now it's turning to Ice!
If you're going out best think twice.
If I took up skating, I'd fall on the rink.
If I tried ice hockey... well, what do you think?
I'd rather have ice cubes to float in my drink.
Oh why do we have to have Ice ?

Hurray! look the sun's coming out!
The Crowds give a jubilant shout.
I put on my sun glasses, bring out the shorts.
I head for the coast -- and the ice-cream of course.
I must get a tan in my fav'rite resort.
Oh yes! Summers here without doubt.

Of course, I remember we're now in December.
Mixed weather came all the year through.
The God of all weather is love altogether,
Each season he loves me and you.

Geoffrey Scarlett (December 2015).

The Picture above was taken of our entry in the Hedge End Carnival in the rain!.