In December 2019 I wrote a blog post wishing everyone a happy and Peaceful 2020. This post detailed various events planned in 2020 and invited everyone to join us. We managed to hold all the events in January. The other events described never happened including the Hedge End Carnival which we were due to take part in.

You all know why these events never happened, however in a small way we still have good news to report from 2020. As a group we have all learned to adapt to technology in ways that were unexpected by all of us. Even website bloggers had not heard of Zoom in March!

We hope that the church website has been a help to all our readers in the last year. We have gone from mostly advertising events, worship related and secular, to providing regular worship and spiritual material. I thought in March that I would struggle to find anything to write about this year but this has not been the case: there were in 8,847 words in 59 blog posts last year and 91,225 words, in 131 blog posts this year. We have also found that more people are looking at the site than ever before: 5892 views this year (up to 26th December), and 4300 last year. Just over 4000 has been the average over the last 5 years. We have also had 14 new followers of the site, some of whom are in different parts of the country or different countries, including the USA and Germany. These people get an email of every blog post as is it posted. If you would like to follow there is a button at the bottom of the site for this. I would like to thank all those people who have sent poems, pictures, articles, sermons, words of encouragement, and everything else to me in order to make this website possible.

The restrictions on our “Normal” activities have made any activities that we have been able to do together inside or outside even more precious to us all.

We think that that our fellowship has been strengthened by what has occurred and hope that as we travel further into 2021, we will gradually be able to return to physical activities together, celebrating God and taking part in the wider community.

I will end a year ahead of where I started, by saying that everyone at Hedge End Methodist Church wishes you a happy and Peaceful 2021.