So how on earth can men be sad,
When Jesus comes to make us glad;
From sin and hell to set us free,
And buy for us our liberty?

The Sussex Carol

Joy to the World: believe me NOW!!! Even if we need to work hard to make it so!  Jesus did not come into the world in sunlight, but in Joy. These things are the will of God.  Let the light into your life Today!  Despite the newspapers Christ-mas still exists, and you are still blessed!

We thank all those who have worked so hard this year, both outside and within our fellowship: writing magazines, phoning up, keeping in touch, delivering things, making angels and displaying notices, writing poems, trying out new things and ideas and of course posting blogs.  These things reveal the true nature of our fellowship and our confidence to move forward.

Let us exhibit both patience and action:

  • if we are patient for the coming of Jesus, we can be patient now.
  • and action.  There is still much to do, and much much more to do in 2021.  Plans are already being made.

Keep on keeping on.  Look forward, not back. God is always with us. 2021 will be a new adventure.

Happy Christmas, God bless!