At the Church Council in October it was decided that now was a good time to implement a previously stated aim to paint a Labyrinth in the back Car Park. It was felt that it was a good time to encourage outside prayerful activities. This idea was originally thought of at an information evening about Labyrinths we held in 2016. More about this meeting can be found at

A Labyrinth is not the same as a Maze as there is one obvious path in a Labyrinth rather than having false Paths as you do in a Maze. There is a long History of Labyrinths starting way before the birth of Christ. A well known story involving Labyrinths is that of Theseus and the Minotaur. There is a Labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral which was made in the 11th Century. In 2013 (to mark the 150 Anniversary of the Underground) tiled Labyrinth plaques were installed at each of the 270 London Underground stations. There are many more shapes for Labyrinths than those in the pictures above. It it hoped to implement the Labyrinth soon but it obviously depends on a number of factors including the weather.