A Message from the Church Stewards.

In response to the discussion at the Worship Consultation Meeting on 29 October “What is your/my vision for the church when we fling wide the gates to a new era of being God’s People”, the Stewards would like to extend an invitation to you all to let them know your ideas and aspirations for church services when we have the pandemic behind us in the ‘new normal’.

If you would send a paragraph to the Senior Steward he will take this forward to the next couple of stewards meetings. In the interests of openness, they would prefer it if you are happy to be identified, however, they realise this might make some people feel uncomfortable and they would rather have your views than not at all. So, your identity can be kept anonymous, in this case it would just be The Senior Steward and Arthur, our minister, who would know.

If you have the email of the Senior Steward you are welcome to contact him directly, alternatively you may use the form below to send your views and they will be passed on. If you wish to remain anonymous please put your name down as anonymous or indicate in the first line of your message. You will need to add your email otherwise the system does not work. emails are kept private by us and WordPress.