‘join the global wave of prayer’  – Thursday 21st – Sunday 31st May 2020

The stewards invite all the church family to join together this year in Thy Kingdom Come . We may not be gathering together at the moment but we can still join in the global wave of prayer as a church family. Below are several ways to participate throughout the 11 days of prayer – please feel free to join in with any (or all!) of these opportunities:

For more details of what my kingdom come is and links to the my kingdom come website please see the previous blog on this site at

Thy Kingdom Come 2020

Daily prayer: it would be good if at times we could pray simultaneously to increase our sense of togetherness at this time. This may not be possible for everyone and you may find there are other times more suitable for you, but we suggest 8.30am and 7.30pm, for ten minutes. The morning prayer will be on Zoom and will be based on the Jesus loves all prayer journal.

Day of prayer: Friday 29th May. We invite you to make this a really special day of prayer by finding extra prayer time throughout the day. You could, for example, join in morning prayer as usual but you might also pause for prayer at other times, perhaps linking with a regular activity such as making a cup of tea or washing your hands.

In the evening there will be a prayer meeting on Zoom at 7.30pm, lasting about 40 minutes. This will start with a short introduction followed by a time of open prayer, during which both silent and spoken prayer is welcome. If you are not joining the Zoom meeting perhaps you could still pray during this time, wherever you are.

Prayer station. It would have been brilliant to have a Thy Kingdom Come prayer station at church but in the current circumstances why not create a prayer station or space at home? You might use a candle, flowers, a cross and pictures of the people you are praying for as a focus for your prayers.

Prayer walk. Could you use your permitted exercise walk as time to pray? If you are self-isolating why not try an imaginary walk? Prayer walking is a great way to pray for our neighbourhoods at any time. Please remember to comply with coronavirus restrictions.

Closing celebration, Sunday 31st May, 4.00pm – 4.40pm on Zoom.

If you would like to join in with the zoom parts of this imitative  please use the contact form to the left and we will endeavour to send you the details.

You could also Make and wear a symbolic knotted cord during Thy Kingdom Come. Tie five knots in a length of string, cord or wool to represent the five people you commit to pray for. Tie it on your wrist or place it somewhere you will see it regularly as a reminder to pray.

Keep a prayer journal. The Methodist resource Jesus loves all has space to record your reflections during Thy Kingdom Come but you could make your own journal for this time.

Use the Thy Kingdom Come mobile app

The breath prayer: Thy Kingdom Come could be a time to try different forms of prayer, such as this breath prayer. Pray the first part of each line breathing in and the second part slowly breathing out.
Short/arrow prayers: prayers needn’t be long or planned, after all, Jesus advised us not to go ‘babbling’ on in prayer! (Matthew 6:7) During Thy Kingdom Come why not practice praying short, arrow prayers as you feel prompted? You could think of a simple prayer prepared to use whenever you think of someone, eg. Lord, I pray that you will lead ……… to you. Amen.

Imaginative prayer: imagine inviting Jesus and one of the people you are praying for to join you for a cuppa. You might want to explain why you want them to meet one another. How do they get on together? What do they talk about? You could imagine telling them what you hope to come from this meeting. When you have said goodbye to them remember that you can meet again with Jesus in prayer at any time.