Please find below two items on Easter by Rev. Geoffrey Scarlett.  The first item is thoughts  on Easter which was inspired by reading Rev. Arthur Cowburn’s sermon for this week,which can be found at   Service Sheet for Palm Sunday 5th April on this site. The second is a poem for Easter.


I’ve been struck, as Holy Week begins, at how God seems to deliberately confuse us — wonderfully confuse us — by putting together things that should surely be kept apart. Look at some of the words of Holy Week hymns…
‘Meekness and majesty’ — how do these two go together?
‘Manhood and deity’ — all in one person? Gloriously, yes!
‘Lowly pomp’ — when was pomp ever lowly?
‘My richest gain I count but loss’ — how does gain turn into loss?
‘Thorns compose so rich a crown’ — what is rich about a thorny crown?
Hallelujah — all these mismatches make sense in the person of Jesus!
But — wait for it — the best is yet to come:
‘..we know that the one who raised the Lord Jesus will raise us also with Jesus’ ( 2 Corinthians 4,14 ). We, poor, weak, sinful we can be raised to new life now and in eternity through the power of a loving God! Who’d have thought it! Happy Easter from Val and Geoff Scarlett.


Where is Jesus

Where is his body?
Empty the tomb now!
Only his grave-clothes
Mark where Christ lay.
Friends go to find him,
Hear angel’s greeting:
‘Your Lord is risen,
Risen today!

Where is his body?
‘Look here’, says Jesus,
‘Here is my body —
My living Church,
Loving and serving,
Worshipping freely,
Arms wide to welcome.
All those who search!

Wonderful Saviour,
He came to find me,
Entered my heart and
Life’s not the same!
His love he gave me.
His love has saved me.
Let me live daily
Praising his name!

Geoffrey Scarlett 2020