World Day of Prayer 2019


This Service is run by Churches together in Hedge End and Botley as part of the World day of prayer. The idea of  World day of prayer is that identical services take place in the same 24 hour period throughout the world. This year the service has been arranged by the Women of Slovenia . In  recent years the Women of  Suriname, The  Phillipines, Cuba, The  Bahamas and Egypt have arranged the service.  In previous years these arrangements have been known as the women’s world day of Prayer.

The Women’s World Day of Prayer was started by a group of Methodists and Presbyterians in America in 1887, the first service in England was held in 1932.

More details of the National Movement can be found on there website at

This years service will take place at All Saints Church Botley on Friday 1st March  starting at 7.30 p.m.

The Theme for the service is “Come Everything is ready”. Everyone is welcome.

In preparation for the service a bible study will take place at St Lukes Church on Monday 4th  February starting at 10.00 and finishing around 12 p.m.  The doors will be open for refreshments from 9.30 a.m. . The Study will be led by Rev Linda Gilpin of St James Church West End.

The picture above shows the programme for last years service.


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