Walk and Talk in 2019

The Church Rambling Group “Walk and Talk” has now published the dates for 2019 its 28th year of walking. Most daytime Walks include a Lunch as well. If it rains hard the Walkers  just enjoy the Lunch. There are also a few Lunches without Walks.

The Proposed Dates are below.

Saturday 5th January Lunch and Walk
Saturday 16th February Lunch
Saturday 16th March Lunch and Short Walk
Monday 22nd April (Easter Monday) Lunch and Short Walk
Monday 6th May (Bank Holiday) Walk and Lunch
Monday 27th May (Bank Holiday) Long Walk and Lunch
Thursday 20th June Evening Walk
Saturday 29th June Saturday Lunch and Long Walk
Thursday 4th July Evening Walk
Thursday 18th July Lunch and Walk
Thursday 1st August Day out
Monday 26th August (Bank Holiday) Walk and Afternoon Tea
Saturday 7th September Treasure Hunt
Saturday 19th October Skittles and Lunch
Saturday 16th November Lunch and meeting to sort walks for 2020

You are welcome to join us. Please look in the Paper Church Notices nearer the time for details of meeting places and who to contact.


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