Remembering 100 years


Yesterday (11th November) was the 100th Anniversary of the Armistice which ended the first world war.  As part of our reflections on this event Croqueted and knitted poppies have been created by members and Friends of the Church and are displayed on the Railings at the front of the Church.  There are over 500 poppies in the display. The Red poppies representing the fields of Rememberance and the white poppy  cross which is displayed in the noticeboard representing Peace.

Yesterday many of the people of Hedge End passed the Church on there way to observe the Two minutes silence at the Cenotaph in Hedge End.  This included our Boys and Girls Brigades who joined in the Parade.  We held our Sunday service which was taken by our Minister Rev Arthur Cowburn and included reflections on the events in the first World War and subsequent Wars and Prayers for Peace in the World, and we observed the silence.

We were able to finish the service in time to serve Hot drinks to the returning Paraders.

We hope that the Poppies survive the wet and windy weather, they have been allright so far.

Our Thanks to all the people who made this display possible.

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