Hedge End 4 You

Hedge End Methodist Church is engaged at present in working out its future plans and strategies for our building and for our work in the community.  As part of this work we would like to know what the Hedge End Community thinks of Hedge End Methodist at the moment and what they would like to see us doing in the future.  We are working with our partners Leap Design to carry out a Community survey. We will be approaching various sections of the community in order to complete this task. We would be pleased if you are able to help us with this. The links for parts of the survey are below.

We believe that it will take about 7 minutes to complete the survey online.  If you are a resident of Hedge End please complete the Residents Survey.  If you attend the Sunday services regularly please can you complete the Church People Survey (not the residents survey). The survey results will be given to us in a form that means that individual people cannot be identified.

There are also aspects of the survey specific to people who perform services in the community such as shopkeepers and local councillors.  They will be asked to complete there own sets of questions which are different to those below.

The details of the online survey and paper questionaires will be distributed by various means over in the next few weeks.

The Residents survey can be found at


The survey for those who attend Sunday worship can be found at





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