October Broader Horizons

Please note that the interviewee for this broader Horizons will now be Rev Geoffrey Scarlett who is known to many of us, and has written poems which are elsewhere on this site.  This is because Rev. Les Judd is unwell at present.  All the other details of the meeting remain the same.

Our next Broader Horizons meeting will be on Sunday 15th October at 7 p.m.  The Interviewee on this occasion will be Rev Les Judd. who is personally known to many of us.  As a taster to the evening the next paragraph is a short biography which Les has written .

Les, grew up in Birmingham, though he was born in S. Wales. He  candidated for the Methodist  ministry after spending  5 years as an electrical estimator, and was ordained in 1972. He has served the church in the USA, having a pastorate in Ohio and on the prairies in North Dakota,  as well as 3 short exchanges of pulpits. In Britain he has worked in churches in the North East to the south of the country, and he actually ‘sat down’ the Methodist term for ministerial retirement,  while serving the church in the Caribbean. He enjoys reading, struggling with theology, and walking,  and takes delight in his wife’s global ministry.

The focus of these evenings is to interview  Christians ‘Parkinson style’ to hear of their faith and relationship with God, and how, in their professional roles, they have had cause to rely on God.

These meetings are informal in style and start with Tea and Coffee.  The previous meetings have been very interesting and have stimulated many different discussions.


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