Warmed Hearts from Zimbabwe

Alison has given us permission to reproduce here an Article she wrote for the connexional world church office,telling of some of her and Les’s activities in Zimbabwe.

Warmed hearts’ has been the theme of the celebration of 40 years of Autonomous mission in the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe and we have certainly experienced a warm glow in our hearts these last few days. Since the opening ceremony on Thursday evening, the National Sports Stadium in Harare has seen up to 40,000 Methodists singing, dancing, praying, being inspired by Bible-based preaching and worship, culminating in an excellent sermon by General Secretary, Revd Dr J Dube, and communion for everyone on Sunday morning. Time and again, speakers have acknowledged the guidance and provision of a faithful God over many years. The expressions of joy and trust in God in the face of many challenges, particularly the economic situation, have been matched by the generosity shown to us as visitors. It has also been good to see a number of the UK Zimbabwe Methodist Fellowship here with their Chaplain Rev Cleopas Sibanda. Today, with World Federation Area President Sipiwe Chisvo as our guide, we have enjoyed visits to the Connexional Offices, the Women’s Centre and the Matthew Rusike Children’s Home, where Revd Margaret Mawire is Director.

By Alison Judd, The World Federation of Methodist and Uniting Church Women

The Pictures accompaying the article and more articles by Alison and others working for Methodism in the world can be found on the connexional world church office website at



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