Hedge End Carnival 1st July 2017


We all had a good time in Hedge End Carnival last Saturday (1st July) The Theme was Roald Dahl so we went as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

We were pleased and excited to be awarded First Prize being given a certificate and a trophy pictured above.

A Big thank you to Southampton and District Transport Heritage Trust who supplied us with the bus and the Driver and did not mind us  sticking pictures on the windows.

More details about them and there buses can be found at


Thank you to everyone who took part or helped in anyway to make the day possible.

While we were waiting to be judged we had a Picnic on the forecourt and were able to offer some food  and a cup of Tea to the Driver of a steam Roller parked nearby.

We were pleased to be able to meet with many people at our tent as part of the Gala Show. We offered the opportunity to take part in Craft activities as well as a cold drink and a biscuit.   These activities were run by some of our Jammy Church team and pictures can be found on the Jammy Church Facebook page.


More pictures of the Carnival can be found at on this site at

We were First

We hope that we will get the opportunity to take part in next years Carnival which if it follows the usual pattern should take place on Saturday  7th July 2018.  Watch this space nearer the time.


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