Poem for 160 Anniversary

As Part of our celebrations of 160 years of Methodism in Hedge End Rev. Geoffrey Scarlett has written the Poem below.

If you would like to join us in our celebrations over the weekend of 24th and 25th June please see the blog post    Anniversary Celebration 24th and 25th June  for more details.

More poems by Geoffrey  and details of Hymns and songs that Geoffrey has written with Stuart Harding can be found elsewhere on this site.


Rejoice and reflect how our church, in Christ’s name,
In worship and witness, God’s great love proclaimed.
The ranters in open fields preached the good news.
New churches were built, as in numbers they grew.
They sang their old hymns, heard the sermons and prayers.
The Lord’s Supper came as an ‘extra’ most shared.
In war-time the church ran a Forces’ canteen,
With care then extending to evacuees.

Their youngsters they taught in traditional ways.
Praise God for those great Anniversary days!
And newsletters, now as then, published God’s grace,
Whilst class meetings strengthened their personal faith.
Rejoice and give thanks for those times long ago.
The tasks Jesus gave us continue, we know.
We miss Music-Makers, young, keen and inspired,
But still value highly our music and choir.

We’re blessed with our Pop-In group. JAM club is great.
And Jammy Church loves to eat, sing and create!
We’re blessed with our footballers, both our Brigades,
And prayer groups and house groups that build up our faith.
So cherish the past and the present embrace.
Let’s welcome the future and more of God’s grace!
God’s building his kingdom. As partners we share
In spreading his word and in showing his care!

Rejoice and look forward, with vision and drive.
We feel the Lord’s challenge, his Spirit alive,
To give us persistence and courage and joy,
To find fresh expressions of faith to employ!
We’re joined to past saints, by our Lord glorified.
We’re joined now to Christian believers world-wide.
We’re joined to disciples, who still have to be:
With Christ our foundation stone eternally!

Geoffrey Scarlett 2017


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