Hedge End Carnival 2017

On Saturday 1st July Hedge End Carnival will be taking place. Our church family will be taking part in it. The Carnival has been running since 1921 and raises money for good causes local to Hedge End.

Last year the theme for our entry was Noah’s Ark, and the year before the theme was “All things bright and beautiful for which we got a cup for our walking group. This year the overall theme for the Carnival is Roald Dahl so we will be depicting Charlie and the Chocolate factory. You are very welcome to join in either walking or sitting on the bus – We have the same bus as last year which holds 30 so there is plenty of space.

If you wish to join us it would be great. You do not need to have a sophisticated costume. If you have something that was made or bought for another occasion that is appropriate that would be fine. To be an Oompa loompa please wear white trousers and a brown tee shirt. If you wish to be one of the main characters in the story please talk to us beforehand as it would be odd if we had two Charlies for example.

This is not just for the children in the church; or only those people who attend sunday morning worship it is for everyone. People who attend any activity associated with the Church are welcome to take part.

If you wish to take part in the procession please let us know  by the 11th of June as the Carnival committee needs us to let them know how many people we have taking part. More details of who to contact can be found in the latest issue of the Church Magazine at the front of the Church.

As well as taking part in the procession we hope to hire part of the Show Ground where the carnival procession ends and hold some sort of Childrens “Jammy type” event there as it presents an excellent opportunity for Outreach. We will keep you posted on this nearer the time as the possibilities are worked out.

The Carnival is an excellent opportunity to all have a good time, whilst telling the people of Hedge End and further afield that we are here, and that God is important to us, and for them. This is part of our continuing outreach into the Community.



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