Walk and Talk 2017


The Walk and Talk Group dates for 2017 have now been published. The first Walk  in the form of  a treasure Hunt is being enjoyed by the group today.  The Saturday Walks usually include an optional lunch.

The remaining dates for 2017 are as follows:-

Thur 11 May Visit to Exbury Gardens,
Sat 27 May Saturday Walk ,
Thur 1 Jun Evening
Sat 17 Jun Saturday
Tue 11 Jul Day out
Thur 27 Jul Evening Walk
Thur 10 Aug Evening Walk
Mon 28 Aug Walk and afternoon tea
Thur 7 Sep Evening walk
Sat 16 Sep Day out
Sat 7 Oct Saturday Walk
Sat 21 Oct Skittles and lunch

You are welcome to join us.  Please look in the Paper Church Notices nearer the time for details of meeting places and who to contact.

One thought on “Walk and Talk 2017”

  1. The Treasure Hunt on Easter Monday was brilliant. We walked around Titchfield and because of the ‘Treasure Hunt’ questions we were forced to notice things about the village which would have otherwise gone unnoticed. The preparatory work that went into this walk by Brenda and Margaret was well worth it and gave us a huge amount of joy as well as a new knowledge of Titchfield..

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