Am I being unfair to you ?

Am I being unfair to you ? was the theme for the Womens World day of Prayer which was held on Friday 3rd March.

Several people from our Church joined others from Churches in Hedge End, West End and Botley  at the service which was held in the Underhill Centre (Part of St Johns Church )Hedge End, during the Evening.

This years service was prepared by the women of the Philippines. For more details about the History of the Women’s world day of Prayer please see the blog

Women’s World Day of Prayer 2017

We learned a lot  about the Philippines whilst reflecting on the story of the workers in the Vineyard who got paid the same for different amounts of work (Matthew 20 verses 1 to 16). We also reflected on the picture on the front cover of the service booklet (Shown above) when you first look it the picture it looks very colourful and happy but when you look at it closely it can be seen that the right hand side shows abundance whilst the left hand side shows scarcity.

All the people that attended were given a small – very pretty- bag of rice  (Pictured above) to represent the tradition of  “dagyaw”  in the Philippines were everyone helps with the preparing of the ground and the harvesting of crops in return for a share of the food produced.

.Thank you to all the people in all the countries who made this service possible,.next years service will be produced by the women of Suriname.



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