Count your blessings


Today is pancake day which is traditionally the day we use up treats in order to eat more sparingly in Lent as we contemplate the run up to Easter. . Lent is  starting tomorrow  with Ash Wednesday and is  running for the forty days until Easter.

During Lent Action for Children are encouraging us  to “Count your blessings” which is an opportunity to learn more about the work of Action for Children whilst donating small sums of money to celebrate our own blessings in life. You can do this whilst following a booklet.

The booklet is divided into 4 sections showing different details of Action for Children’s work they are : family support, early years ,fostering ,and youth support.

The small sums of money are put aside as a result of your response to the questions in the sections. which range from donate 10p for every Pancake you ate , to how far you have walked that day.

Nobody will be marking your answers to the questions, and if you do not answer them all I am sure that Action for Children will be grateful for any sum you are able to donate.

for more details please see

If you would like a booklet please see Dennis or Diane. They will also be collecting the donations raised and sending them to Action for Children.


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