Poem inspired by Covenant Service

We have just held our covenant service,  reproduced below is a poem  and message written by Geoffrey Scarlett which was originally blogged in January 2015.

A Message and a Poem from Geoffrey.

After  a  wonderful  Covenant  Service  at  the  beginning  of  the  year,  I  felt  inspired  to  write  this  poem….


How  can  you  possibly  pray  for  me?
How  can  you  graciously  care?
I  have  done  nothing  to  earn  your  love,
Yet  you  are  always  there,
Ready  to  guide  me  on  my  way,
Meeting  my  deepest  needs  each  day.

How  can  you  possibly  break  the  bread
And  offer  a  piece  to  me?
How  can  you  offer  me  wine  —  the  sign
I  am  from  sin  set  free?
I  am  not  worthy  to  receive.
Such  pard’ning  love  I  scarce  believe!

How  can  you possibly  die  for  me,
Die  such  a  bitter,  cruel  death?
Knowing  me,  how  can  you  choose  to  love,
Love  me  with  your  last  breath?
It  should  be  me  upon  that  Cross.
So  great  a  love  at  such  a  cost.

How  can  you  possibly  trust  me,  Lord,
To  follow  you  and  obey?
I’m  but  a  poor,  struggling  Christian,  Lord,
Humble,  with  feet  of  clay.
Yet  you  choose  me  to  spread  your  word.
Use  me  to  bring  you  glory,  Lord!

Geoffrey Scarlett 2015

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