Second Weekend of Advent


Today is the Second Sunday of Advent. We have had a busy Weekend. We enjoyed our Christmas Lunch today which was Turkey and All the Trimmings including Roast and Boiled Potatoes. This was followed by a Choice of Apple Pie, Christmas Pudding or Cheese and Biscuits. I will not reveal who helped to avoid any food waste by having two Puddings!. The meal was rounded of by tea or Coffee and Mini Mince Pies. This meal was enjoyed by 36 of us, and we had a good time eating and Catching up with each others news. Thank you to all the cooks, Washers up, Table setters, food Purchasers and everyone who made this meal possible.

Yesterday several of us met in the morning and spent a couple of hours decorating the Church. We have a new version of the Nativity scene, and the Stars on the Ceiling, as well as the Christmas Tree. We all had a good time doing this. Thank you to everyone for all the help.

If you would like to see our decorations there are plenty more events to look forward to in our Christmas Celebrations this year.

for more details of future Christmas Activities. Please see Advent and Christmas 2016

further down this page.

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