Wesley Chapel and Home


I have recently made a personal visit to Wesleys Chapel and his home in City Road Moorgate,  London.  The land was acquired by John Wesley after his return from evangalising in America in 1738.  After his experiences on ” Aldersgate Sunday”  he was looking for a space big enough to use as a Chapel, and to house himself and his family and work with the poor. He bought the site of a former foundry which he redeveloped for his work. He later expanded the site, and built the Chapel which stands on the site today.  The lady who showed us round thought that Wesley would still recognise his Chapel today, as although it has been refurbished since then and has had stained glass windows added by the Victorians it remains basically the same.   In more recent times the etched windows you can see in the picture at the front were added to celebrate the millenium.

Although we regard John Wesley as the father of Methodism he remained an Anglican all his life and the Methodist Church only become separated after his death.  I learned a lot of things I did not know before about John Wesley, his family and the development of the Methodist Church from the displays and the very friendly guides on site.  In the Museum there was a 7 Minute film explaining who John Wesley was which would be very useful if you had not come across Methodism before.

If you wish to make a visit yourself or find further information about the Chapel or John Wesley  please see


There are a lot  more things I could mention and many quotes I could make from John Wesley but I shall end with the following two quotations.

” Do all the good you can, in all the ways you can, to all the souls you can in,  in everyplace you can, at all the times you can, with all the zeal you can, as long as ever you can.

“I want the whole Christ for my saviour, the whole Bible for my book, the whole Church for my fellowship and the whole world for my mission field”.

One thought on “Wesley Chapel and Home”

  1. Well done Rebecca for your write up on Wesley’s’ chapel, a little discovery trip around Methodist Heritage is always good to hear about. Wesley’s Chapel gives you a three in one experience, the chapel itself, the house next door to the chapel and its all in the heart of the busting city of London.

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