On Wednesday  5th October  a  party was held in the Hall in recognition of 10 years of the Pop in Cafe. It was held at the usual time for the Cafe between 10.30 and 12 p.m. It is believed that in addition to the usual Tea and Coffee a special cake was provided for all attendees.

The Pop in Cafe is further described below in an article which was originally written for the Church Newsletter to celebrate the Cafes 5th Birthday. My thanks to the Gentleman who wrote it. I hope he does not mind me reproducing it here.

Lyons corner coffee houses and Fullers Tea rooms were terribly posh with dressed up waitresses and a place where young people could meet as opposed to going to the pub and getting drunk.

The Pop – in – Café is not terribly posh and the waitresses certainly don`t wear black uniforms and I don`t think we are preventing drunkeness!!

What the café does do is provide a place where people can get together for a chat, a laugh and perhaps a small moan now and then, in putting the world to right.

In October 2011 we celebrated our 5th.anniversary and average attendance has risen from 12 to 20 with a good mix of church members and non members who have all found friendship and fellowship together.

We have recently changed over to Fairtrade coffee, which is about decent working conditions, local sustainability,and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world.

Many thanks to the band of helpers who cheerfully make the tea and coffee [including free top- ups] each week.

Why not come along on a Wednesday between 10.30am. and 12 noon and give it a try.