Church Charities

We have recently held Church Council.  It is customary  that the Church Charities are reviewed at this meeting. The Church Charities are normally elected for two years. The Church Charities are supported by money given at an extra Collection taken at Communion services, and on occasions additional fundraising.

The support for the Kings School and the Bible Society our current Church Charities comes to an end on 31st August. It was decided to continue the support for the Bible society for another year commencing on the 1st of September.

more details about the Bible Society can be found at

some of you may have attended the service taken by Mr  Eric Stevens of the bible society in January

.Visit by Bible Society

It was also agreed to support Shepherds Down Special  School at Otterbourne. The school has approximately 130 pupils of Primary age who all have special needs as a result of various learning difficulties.

more details about the school can be found  at

The question of Toilet twinning also came up at this meeting and we decided to twin the Church toilets with Toilets overseas. It was decided  to twin all four rooms of toilets. There are 2.4 billion people in the world without access to Toilets. This results in spread of disease. The idea is that you pay a small fee per month which results in a toilet being built in a Poverty stricken area, you then get sent a picture of the toilet to put in your toilet.

More details can be  found at



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