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Last week there were demonstrations about Electoral Commission findings and the opposition party rallied their members and marched through town – it was a bit rough although the scuffles were well away from our offices. There were demonstrations in provincial cities as well – they were shown on TV. Kenya is definitely a democracy and the papers regularly expose bizarre events in government and evidently there is lively debate in the chamber, some of which you see on the evening bulletins. There is the usual malarkey that opposition local administrations complain they are discriminated against the ruling party administrations for funding. Nothing new there then.

Today at LUC it was lively singing – the chorus-signing warm up was as enthusiastic as ever and during the announcements, the Choirmaster, spoke about the Mission the choir are having to Malawi in mid-summer. [One member of the congregation had personally donated KShs 200,000 [about £1425.]] He said that Malawi [where the Mission is going to] has no Anglican or Methodist Churches in the country, so it was a genuine ‘Mission Field’. The choir are organising this in faith and it is for them to raise the money, not LUC itself. They have raised about KShs 1.4 million of the 2.5 million costs. The main choir has about a dozen members but there are also other choirs within the church community.

The sermon today was about the principle of reward in a series of sermons on Stewardship. Look on the LUC website under Pastors Corner to read a synopsis on today’s topic. It takes about a week to be loaded up on

If you are interested in hearing the recorded sermons, for May; go to [recordings go back a couple of years!]

The Super said that in his home village there had been a faithful Christian man who built up several businesses and properties in the area and he became quite prosperous. Some time back he gave some of his land for a Church and then land for a school as well. He had died awhile back and sadly, all his children had totally squandered all the proceeds of the businesses and properties and were all now quite destitute. However, in effect, the father kept his reward as the Church is still flourishing and the school is still flourishing, even though his children are now impoverished.

He also said prudent businesses everywhere put back some of their profits into their business in order to continue to prosper; if they do not, they will fall away. Nothing wrong with Christians becoming prosperous, only that they must demonstrate their faith by sharing their prosperity in a Christian manner. If congregations do not put back sufficient into their churches [in my own view, effort and goodwill as well as money], they too and their churches will fall away. [Lesson here?].

The Church Minister led the main prayers and it was interesting that when prayers were about Kenyan life, the government and public life events, then there was a general swell of murmuring among the congregation as people obviously felt deeply about the issues in the prayers and the way the prayers were presented. There seemed to be a common consensus that these were major problems in Kenyan life. We do not often hear congregations in the UK muttering their agreement with any prayers being said.     Interesting point is, whilst we in the UK recite the Lord’s Prayer every Sunday, it is only said at monthly Communion Services at LUC. Personally, I like having the Lord’s Prayer each week as it is a very good opportunity to publicly yet personally ‘wipe the slate clean’ and start the following week afresh.

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One thought on “Nairobi Notes”

  1. Yet again we are grateful to Graham for his vivid reporting of his experience in Lavington Church. It is not difficult to catch a sense of enthusiasm, gratitude and commitment of that congregation. I suspect, I would not wholly agree with their conservative theology, however, it is truly exciting to read how the church is expressing itself in mission beyond the church walls and how the prayers in worship create a murmuring of intensity as their own nation is prayed for.
    Thanks Graham for your reporting.

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