Caribbean Evening

Northam Methodist Church Caribbean Evening 2015

It was with great pleasure that several of our fellowship returned again to support the Caribbean Evening with our friends at Northam Methodist Church.  About seventy people turned up to a lively and fun event.  Vicki started the proceedings with a few readings before our first instrumentalist began.  Depicted here are Gordon and Harry playing on their steel drums.  Gordon started with three or four songs before Harry accompanied on bass.  Then came the first of tonights dinners.  In the room opposite the lobby was a mega-buffet consisting of boiled and battered fish and meats and a wide range of other goodies, to be followed by pudding.

During the second half of the concert, the room started to heave and vibrate with the rhythm and people started to dance.  A bit later the second curry dinner was served.  We met lots of people we only see now and again including friends from Woolston Methodist Church.  At the end it was announced that proceedings be split between church renovation and another struggling church (I think on Saint Vincents?).  This is indeed a kind gesture because Northam Church building has huge structural issues itself.  We left with tunes ringing in our ears.  Apparently all eight of the steel band players often turn up to conduct Christmas carols.  We must remember to try and find out when, so we can support our local friends more often.


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