Easter Weekend


This weekend is Easter Weekend which is a time when we reflect on the story of Jesus and the sacrifice he made for us all. We celebrate his rising on Easter Sunday. It is also a chance for catching up with our Families and Friends.

We are holding two services over the Easter Weekend. The first one is Maundy Thursday (18th) at 7.30 p.m.; the second one is on Sunday (21st) at our usual time of 10.30; both services will include Holy Communion. It has been our recent tradition at Hedge End to arrange small posies of flowers on the Cross during the service on Easter Sunday morning. If you are attending and would like to participate, just bring along a few spring flowers and we will be on hand during the service to place them on the Cross.

Several of our members will be taking part in the Good Friday “Walk of witness” run by churches together.

For more details of any of our Easter activities please see the previous blog Easter 2019


Hedge End Carnival 2019

On Saturday 6th July we will be taking part in Hedge End Carnival. The Carnival  theme is “Musicals”. The Carnival has been running since 1921 and raises money for good causes local to Hedge End. Our Church has taken part in the Carnival since 2015.

We will be holding a short meeting after the service on Sunday 14th April to sort out details of our activities and at some point after that more details will be available. If you have any ideas please do come along to the meeting.

We welcome anyone who is associated with the Church in anyway to join in with us on the day.

The Carnival is an excellent opportunity to all have a good time, whilst telling the people of Hedge End and further afield that we are here, and that God is important to us, and for them. This is part of our continuing outreach into the Community.


Longer Tables, Lower Fences

From next Sunday (31st March) “Easter Offering” envelopes will be available in the Church. This years theme for the Methodist Women in Britain’s Easter offering is “Longer Tables, Lower Fences”.

These envelopes raise money for World Missions which has been one of the aspects of work of women in the Methodist Church since 1884.

The Easter offering dedication service will take place on Sunday 19th May at 4 p.m. at St James Road Methodist Church in Shirley.

More details can be found at


The pictures above show envelopes and details from previous years.

Easter Leaflet 2019

We have recently taken delivery of our Easter Leaflets. These are now available at Church and have been or will be given out to Members of the various groups that meet within the Church. The Leaflets have also been collected by the Hedge End and Botley Courier for distribution with the paper at the end of the Month. If you have anywhere you can give out or put out these leaflets please ask for some.

There is no need to struggle to read the small writing in the pictures of the Easter Leaflets as more details of our Easter services can be found in the article Easter 2019      further down this page.

Churches with Choices

In recent months we have been looking at the pattern of our worship services and considering whether anything needed to be changed. We are trying out, when there is a 5th Sunday in the month, something called Church with choices.  The first 5th Sunday will be Sunday 31st March.

The service will begin and end as normal but for approximately half an hour in the middle you will have 3 options.

1. To stay in Church for a sermon
2. To go to the rear hall for a more in depth look at the Gospel passage
3. To go the main hall to explore the passage through craft and practical activities.
We will do this again on 30th June with another range of options.

After the services, please let Arthur or the stewards have your thoughts on this trial.

Easter 2019

We start thinking about Easter at Jammy Church on Saturday 13th April, as Aprils theme is “Who moved the Stone”. Jammy Church takes place between 10.30 and 12.30 in the Hall.  More about Jammy Church can be found at


or in previous blogs on this site.

We will then continue over the  Easter Bank Holiday Weekend, which is  between Maundy Thursday (18th April) and Easter Sunday (21st April) with the services detailed below.

Maundy Thursday Service
This will take place at 7.30 on Maundy Thursday (18th April). This service will be conducted by Rev. Arthur Cowburn and will include communion.

Good Friday
The Organisation “Churches together in Hedge End ” Hold a Walk of Witness at 11.a.m. starting in the Centre of Hedge End. Near the Co-operative store.

For more details about Churches together see


Easter Sunday

Our Easter celebrations conclude on Easter Sunday with the service at the usual time of 10.30 the service will be conducted by our Minister Rev. Arthur Cowburn. This service will include Communion which you are welcome to join in if you wish. If you prefer not to take Communion it is fine to stay in our seat. As part of the service we will be creating a Floral Easter Cross.  If you would like to contribute to this please feel free to bring a few flowers with you to the service. Pictures of one of the previous crosses are above. This service will be suitable for all ages.

Abseiling Action

On Sunday 7th April One of Members will be abseiling down the Spinnaker tower in Portsmouth in Aid of Action for Children.

If you wish to sponsor him please see


If you would prefer to sponsor  on paper  please ask to be introduced at Jammy Church or after the Sunday service.

More details about the spinnaker tower and what this involves can be found at


More details about Action for Children can be found at




Do you know your psalms ?

Timeline - Feb '19 (13)

Jammy Church on Saturday 9th March is all about the book of Psalms.There are 150 Psalms in the book, so the session will not be dealing with all of them.Psalm 23 , the Lord is my Shepherd is probably the best known Psalm.

Jammy Church is our Monthly exploratory session, which involves Worship, Craft, Singing and Food. It takes place between 10.30 and 12.30 a.m. in the Hall. It is suitable for all ages,  but please ensure that children are accompanied.  If you would like some food it is helpful if you arrive before 11 a.m. so we can get our catering right.  Jammy Church celebrated its 8th Birthday in February, when a cake was enjoyed.

The Picture above is the Bible timeline which was constructed at Februarys Jammy Church.

Helping you to live in a fellowship of friendship.